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english drinking

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I am so fed up with the drinking culture here in the UK, it drives me mad!!! Why is there this constant banging pressure to drink yourself stupid every time you go out at night :?: :!: :?:

Why cant i go out, enjoy the company of my friends and drinks coke, or maybe one beer. I snapped today at some friends for constantly harassing me about not drinking, no dont get me wrong, they are good boys but my god it wore me down. I feel bad for letting myself snap and we made up after but i cant wait to emmigrate to some other country without this constant pressure.

Sorry for the rant, but this country sucks :shock:
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Yes, there is a drinking culture in this country and it's getting worse. We, and the Americans, differ from the continental europeans because their idea of socialising is usually based around food, eating out, not drinking. I say continental europeans, but of course this doesn't include the Scandinavians, especially the Finns, who are stupendously drunk most of the time, just like us. Perhaps even more so.

I see no problem in social drinking. It's when you sit at home on your own drinking two litres of cheap cider on a tuesday night, to either relieve boredom or anxiety, that you might have to think again. Not that I've done that of course. Cough. :?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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