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english drinking

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I am so fed up with the drinking culture here in the UK, it drives me mad!!! Why is there this constant banging pressure to drink yourself stupid every time you go out at night :?: :!: :?:

Why cant i go out, enjoy the company of my friends and drinks coke, or maybe one beer. I snapped today at some friends for constantly harassing me about not drinking, no dont get me wrong, they are good boys but my god it wore me down. I feel bad for letting myself snap and we made up after but i cant wait to emmigrate to some other country without this constant pressure.

Sorry for the rant, but this country sucks :shock:
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Why? Because drinking is the bee's knees. If I could ever have as much as I did pre-DP when I would go out and get wasted four nights a week, go to frat parties and take home freshman sluts :wink: , and do it all over the again the next day, I would. Unfortunately, I have DP and I can't.

Yeah, this culture sucks too when it comes to drinking unless you have a girlfriend (providing you still have emotions) and you have plenty of fun staying in and renting a movie. I guess I could always make friends with the Bible beaters who don't drink, but I would feel guilty given my past and current vices.
It sucks being around wasted people when you are sober. They are annoying. That's why sober people aren't meant to hang around drunks.

Drinking never got old for me until I started feeling worn down. Then, I would take a few days off and start over again. I say, if you are a functional alcoholic, and it doesn't strain relationships, family, or work in any manner, then go for it. I guess that's how I used to be. And it was fun. Of course, there comes a time when one must grow up, when one gets married or has kids, and you can't afford to get wasted all the time.
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