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Has anyone else ever tried the Alternative Therapy approach? I've been takin Vitamins and Minerals now for the past three months. I dont feel that I have made any progress whatsoever. Infact, I felt a lot better when I was taking Ad's. I made an appointment with a Homeopath back in May, and have seen him around four times since. He has now come to the conclusion that he can not help me and has refered me to someone who uses New Ground Breaking Computerised Technology to help people with Anxiety, Depression Etc. ( for anyone who wants a look.

Has anybody ever tried anything like this? Be interested to know if it has helped anyone. Im a bit apprehensive on spending another fortune on something that is'nt going to work.

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I don't pretend to speak with any sense of authority on the matter, but i would save your money. DP is something that can be dealt with without all the hocus-pocus. The only good that i think could come out of that kind of nonsense (and i use that word in a flippant sense since i've never actually tried these methods) is perhaps some sort of placebo effect.

While vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause certain mental eccentricities, the average individual in western society does not lack these vitamins to a significant enough extent that they would have any effect in this regard. And as far as i know there's no miracle elixir that can cure DP in a pill form, natural or synthetic.

The best bet i would say is to eat healthy, exercise, and keep occupied physically and mentally.

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