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All day and part of yesterday i have been suffering from endless fear. I don't even know why. Its like my mind is misfiring. I feel like i'm not real. 10 minutes ago seems real but crazy. Sorry it i don't make any sense. I need some new meds. I just cant relax. I felt like i was doing good for a few days, but then its BACK 10 fold.

I feel like I'm crazy for the rest of my life. WHAT WILL I DO! I have been getting bursts of intense DP.

I'm so tired and now i'm going to drink, its all i have.

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I don't remember how long you said you have had dp/dr but you sound as if you havent had it for long.
When I first got dp/dr/mental hell of a nightmare, I was very scared and very anxious all the time. I was not used to what was happening to me and I coulden't stop thinking about the fact that I was going insain.
I drove myself nuts trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

Spaceplex1111 I can assure you that all the anxiety and worry in the world will not make your dp/dr go away.
The more you worry and the more you think about the problem, the worse it will get.

After time passes, I assure you that things will get a little better.
You just need to realize that your not going crazy and you are still in control.

Just take one day at a time and don't think about what you are going to do with dp/dr the rest of your life.

And if your going to drink, try not to drink to much because that will just make you feel even worse tomorrow.

Sometimes there is no reason for an emotion, they're strange things emotions. But if you don't know why you fear, can't u be happy, because there's if there's no catalyst for being scared nor is there a reason, why can't you be happy, there's no reason or catalyst for that, so you could be happy?

If drinking is all you have, then DP is all you have, (drinking makes DP worse) so I mean there's no way out you drink, you have DP simple, you will never rid yourself of it, sorry to be blunt, but its realistic
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