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Enchanted Night

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I should have tagged this on to the Good Reads thread, but I think this book is worthy of it's own thread.

I was given it the other day and read it in a couple of hours (it's a Novella, just a hundred pages or so) and was absolutely staggered by it. It is without doubt the best book I have ever read. The world he creates in the story is the world I want to live in. I implore you all to read this. I have vauge recollections that it won the Booker, or Orange literary prize a while back, and I can tell you, it's fully deserved.

Enchanted Night - by Stephen Millhauser.

Read it now, or I'll come around and burn your houses down.
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Okie Dokie, you guys know I am not one for dark ( perhaps mental disturbing and scarey :shock: ) books or movies, but I am going to offer my mind up as the sacrificial lamb for all of us who might shy away from something like this. Martin says it is "incredible" and Janine says "it's beautiful writing".

So, when I can drag my sciatica ridden ass to the bookstore, I shall get said book.

Till then, I myself am deep in to Green Eggs and Ham. (lol at my own self.)
I should have known after reading the above about my * that you were in dire need of getting laid....God love ya. :D

So hey, had to get the book ordered. 5 day wait. :(

Why do you guess the guy at the bookstore said over the phone..." You do know this is a novella ? "

What's up with that? Kind of sounded like...You do know this is about masturbation, don't you? Sounded spooky to me. :shock:

Any ideas why he would say that? I'm thinking the guy was maybe like a dull brown crayon and wanted to act bright.

Okay, so I am preparing myself to read the best book I've read in a long time. Can't wait. Hope you guys wait a bit longer before you discuss it.

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So, the wierd guy from the bookstore called and left a message that my book is in. My husband even remarked how wierd his voice was on the machine. Oh man, I guess I'm probably going to have to meet him when I go get my book. :shock:

I'm serious, this better not be a scarey book - you two. :evil:
Got the book.

Read the book.

Am at the ready.

p.s. did not meet the scarey guy. this is not a scarey book. it was not too intense for me at all. ( this may be due to a huge amount of ignorance on my part) it reminded me of one of those artsy-fartsy movies where things flash in and out. i'll be very interested in reading Martin and Janine discuss it.
No, no, no. It was a good read. Martin, I truely think you could have written that "novella". As far as identifying with're a shoo-in. Yeah, I'm really interested in talking about all that.

So, in the main forum, Janine just posted about the books. You want to give it a few days before we really get in to it?

(Dancing dolls in the attic was a bit scarey. :shock: I don't want dolls coming to life in the middle of the night. :shock: )
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