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Empty brain dp.

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Any one else feel they simply cannot tune into their minds like I can't think properly or connect to myself. I feel I have no memories.
Scary shit this is. I just want to be me again.
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You are referring to blank mind DP which alot of people on here talk about...So your definitely not the only one....

Ive seen many people come back and recover fully from it too...

There seems to be 2 extremes of DP...The racing mind which is in thinking overdrive constantly or the blank mind which seems to be void of any thought...Its still DP at source whichever version you are experiencing...Both are equally as nasty as each other...
I know some may beg to differ but I would rather have an overactive mind blazing with thoughts than this blank mind which is like a teenage-onset dementia. At least with an overactive mind you are still "there" and meds can help ease the overactivity. With the blank mind, it's difficult to treat because the psychiatric meds sooth or take away activity rather than add emotion or behavior.
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