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emotional numbness

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can somebody explain, how somebody can get "overnight" in emotional numbness ?
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Hello Mayer-Gross,

what could be the reason for the changing of the frontal lobe ?
Hello Again, thanks a lot for your informations. Had/Have you emotional numbness too ? i try to make rtms next months. Medicine dont work. Yes i had a trauma, last christmas. My ex girl friend gave me hasch muffins without knowing and i got a bad trip with anxiety to die. But this anxiety was already far away and muted like a freeze. This condition is now more or less constantly, like trapped. And its hopeless not to know what to do. Speaking to people or psychotherapists came not to me inside.
Thank you a lot. I am from europe and i am i know a little bit of psychopathology...i chated with a woman in utrecht she made rtms and she recovered. Thank you for your good informations of neuronavigation and that its more sophisticated in france....i suppose to do it in utrecht...the problem is that i had juvenile epilepsy from 17-22 and that is in germany where i live a exclusion...and in utrecht will do it...ectually i have no compulsive prepardness...what is the percent of recovery with lamotrigin ? can you give me further treatment options...
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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