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Face all your fears and adrenalin using the Floating technique to take away the disorder part of anxiety.

[background=rgb(238, 238, 204)]"[/background][background=rgb(238, 238, 204)]You don't really have to learn to float. A block of wood can float, and so can a person. What you might have to learn is how to not get in your own way, how to simply let floating happen."[/background]

that is the hardest part of it all, letting floating happen and that is what you will have to practise in order to beat your anxiety/DP/DR/fears/anything anxiety related.

Too float you need to face all your fears and adrenalin head on and ride the anxiety not run away from it.

You might notice yourself feel the adrenalin coming and tense up, that is what needs changing.

you need to ride the fear, and don't pull out at the last minute.

simple but in my case this has been habit for about 10-11 months now and it is hard to break, you become uncomfortably comfortable and that is not the life i wish to lead and i'm sure none of you do. so i decided to face just about everything i feared (especially anxiety itself) in one go, and so can you !

feel free to ask any questions about the subject as i am still working on this way of dealing with anxiety and i know when it is done right i can experience next to nothing anxiety.

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