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Eight months of med trials, no help anywhere

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Hi all. Just wanted to give an update to my progress with this disorder and my life in general. I had been on Paxil for about a decade which (especially initially) had positive effects on me. When that seemingly lost effectiveness on me, and I spiraled into DP/DR again, I spent about the last eight months trying out different SSRIs. I attempted Lexapro, Prozac, and Effexor. Each was worse than the last and all of them made my symptoms and general difficulties much worse and afforded me no relief to any specific symptoms. I have been attempting to wean myself off Effexor the past seven weeks, which is a god awful process if you've ever experienced it.

I continue to forge ahead though with hope for the future.

Medication may be effective for some, but for others (me specifically) it may be a wild goose chase. Hope for a silver bullet to "cure" a problem so complex as DP/DR may be in all actuality, a false hope. That's because while a medication may relieve some symptoms associated with the problem, it can never eradicate the concept of DP/DR entirely from the mind. My general feeling is that my DP/DR is a feeling that is a unique combination of co-morbid problems like OCD, depression, anxiety, and trauma, with other bizarre elements like visual static/entoptic phenomena as icing on a shit cake. I am attempting to engage with those feelings through therapy and mindfulness in the hopes that I will be able to lead a life with a modicum of peaceful contentment in it at some point.

I wish the best for everyone in finding a med that works for them, but perhaps for some of us, medication will never be an answer to our problems and may actually make us worse.
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