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It got rid of the foggy cloudyness fast!
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and in steps the doomsayer stage left. :wink:

be careful with this drug. its highly addictive and extremely hard to taper off of. i know someone who has been in and out of the hospital trying to get off this drug. major electric zaps, excruciating headaches, feeling dead all over.. its like trying to get off of heroin. not fun. my personal experience with effexor was a bad one to say the least. yes it made me feel good right away. TOO GOOD. i became manic which has NEVER happened to me in my entire life. im not bipolar at all.. but on effexor i became bipolar. it numbed me to the point where i didnt care about ANYTHING not even myself. i thought i was the incredible hulk.. i would put my fist through glass and walls and not feel a thing. I LOVED EFFEXOR. it was like some magical ellixor. unfortunately it led strait to my demise. long story short i went from having a life.. 2 jobs a brand new suv good relationships.. to being a homeless shoppingcart lady panhandling and selling myself on the street. i didnt care about my situation either and i think this has to do with the drug. i had horrible staff infections and i didnt do anything about it to the point where i couldnt walk. that was when my family found me and brought me home.

effexor had a HUGE hand in destroying my life. that is why im against this drug. of course everyone is different.. some people can have a good experience but i really dont know anyone that has. im sure there are some here that have. im just one of those that didnt and im sure you would want to know everything about what you are consuming. i know i would.
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the person i know is still trying to get off the drug(situation grim; having extremely hard time) is from this site... but is not vainglory lol. :lol:

oh and i did i mention the headaches? yes i remember those.

holy f#ck. :shock:
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