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I came across this publication from 1946 by psychiatrist H. J. Shorvon called "On Depersonalization syndrome". It is for that time a large publication about depersonalization and adresses treatment options of that time. Antidepressent was not discovered and ECT was often used for many mental states. There has been a claim by some it might be a treatment and according to this it have 6 out of 39 had a positive effect. 2 was cured and 4.slightly improved but 10 said they felt worse.

"E.C.T.-39 cases have been treated with a course of electro-shock therapy. This is a treatment commonly used, and it is important for the results to be carefully assessed. The number of treatments given varied from three to fourteen. One of the cases states his depersonalization started after a course of E.C.T. Of the remaining 38 cases only 2 lost their depersonalization, 4 were improved, 1 was temporarily improved,there was no change in 22 cases,and 10 patients stated they were worse. Thus,32 out of the 39 patients were unchanged or worse after the treatment. Ofthe32,5wereles depressed,10 slightly improved,and 17 remained the same. Of those that recovered or were much improved, 2 were post-puLerperal, 2 were recurrent depressives, and 2 were hvsterics with depression."
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