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I've been feeling pretty crap the last few days and I know I don't have just DP/DR anymore (more of a symptom since seizures started) but I was just wonderin' if any of you get like an echo sometimes... it's like someone's narrating in my head or something.... I know some of it's related to my seizures and stuff but it's been drivin me mad.... also lots of nasty dark scary thoughts but what's new kinda thing.... it just sucks... I'm seeing a new adult psych who is gonna help and stuff but I just feel so down, stressed and worn out... stayin' strong and just carryin' on

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Sometimes when I'm doing something somewhat deep or esoteric I can find myself following what seems to be an inner voice - like sometimes I can hear the words come out in my mind before I write them, or (and this is kind of dorky, but true), I can see the code in my mind before I write it (I'm a programmer). Sometimes a solution to a problem kind of jumps out of now where visually and I simply do what the image in my head tells me - it's very weird.

When I'm playing/writing music or doing art or something like that it can happen quite a bit too - kind of like an inner guide, so to speak. It's not a controlling feeling - as in I HAVE to do something (like an OCD, or whatever), but it's very persistent.

When everyone else around you drives their mind like a family sedan, you're driving yours like a '69 Mach1 with a 428 Cobra Jet - sometimes it's hard to keep it all "normal" and "together". Keep yourself busy and give your mind something to chew on (besides yourself)....
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