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Ears and DP/DR?

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I know this might sound a bit stupid, but does anyone think they might be related? I've had this really bad ear blockage/ache on and off for a few days, and now the aches really bad, the DR/DP is gone really bad.

Anyone think there's a relation, or just coincedence?
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you know, I also had the same questions. I had a nerve in my neck that went haywire and it REALLY threw me off. It made things MUCH worse especially when I was out of the house- and I have yet to find out if it was THIS that caused the dp-dr OR if it was the dp-dr causing the neck nerve problem. ( I try to convince myself that it was the annoying neck thing causing the dp.)

I think it was the neck nerve because I was really using the computer alot for work those days. I(m alot better now).

and YES I do think that your ears may have something to do with it becuase your ears are where all your balance control etc is. Also I notice if something physical is bothering me it can make things much worse.

I dont think that dp causes ALL the symptoms we have I think that sometimes the physical stuff causes dp too.

Hope you feel better, go to the doctor for your ears, ear pain is one of the worst kind.
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