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Dutch filmmaker murdered by muslim extremist

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Sorry once again. I'm not trying to hurt anybody and I did say earlier in that post that my attitude towards gays was my problem, and I know that. I will try to be more respectful but I won't make any promises because I have the tendency to speak my mind, and as I noted in an earlier post, it gets me in trouble sometimes.

Seriouslly, sorry people. Sometimes I just forget that I'm not around my friends who know when I'm being sarcastic and speaking in exaggerations. Since none of you can see me saying this stuff and you don't know me, you have no idea where I'm coming from, but trust me, there was no malintent. I am just one of those people who hardly takes anything seriously so I often forget that people are really sensitive to some things, even though I know they are.

Dreamer, you got me down in the count with two strikes and you never want to strike out, so I will try harder next time.
I'm a lefty freak, and I don't think anyone is out of line here. This is one of the most rational debates i've read in a while.
sc i don't think this group is that diverse at all outside of the Homosexual/Straight categories. Oh yeah and theres people from countries outside of the US...... but this website is like 90 % suburban middle class caucasion.
I second that sb. I don?t disagree with what sc is saying. But I don?t think it?s a coincidence that the people who experience this disorder a mostly well educated, intelliegent, pretty well off people, with enough time on their hands, and enough unchanelled wasted mental energy to try and annihilate their reality.
The bande of the middle classes.

p.s.Yes I know people from all sorts of backgrounds can experience all types of mental illness, but I think that the intelligent middle class types have their own unique brand, that I read about mostly on this forum.
SoulBrotha said:
sc i don't think this group is that diverse at all outside of the Homosexual/Straight categories. Oh yeah and theres people from countries outside of the US...... but this website is like 90 % suburban middle class caucasion.
Dear Bro,
The board is skewed in terms of who posts. There are people from all over who merely view this board as guests, or lurk. Americans usually are fluent in English only, while members of other countries are fluent in English as well as their native language. Some fluent in more than 2 languages.

We have members from all over the world visit here, whether or not they post or identify themselves, and we have gay and straight members.

Regardless of how many are represented, this doesn't justify bashing other nationalities/religions/creeds/sexual orientation etc. Also, someone's family heritage could be of pride to an individual.

I believe in free speech on this board. But there is no excuse for cruel stereotyping and attacks, I don't care who is reading this board.

Also, remember this board is visited by DP researchers, and doctors who have been referred here by members (I've referred many people here from my site).

No attack is justified, and I hope I haven't been guilty of that.

This is a support forum. There is enough suffering here. We don't need to add insult to injury, even in an off-topic forum that helps us keep our minds OFF the DP.

Oh, and briefly re: civil unions. Heterosexuals who are not part of any particular religion have civil unions. All a civil union is, is one done by a Justice of the Peace, etc. One can be perfomred at the location where one gets a marriage license. I believe ship captains can perform civil ceremonies. Civil unions already exist for heterosexuals, and many are performed every year. I don't know the statistics.

They're also a helluva lot less expensive than having a wedding... but I personally (though I am not of any particular faith) wanted an informal religious ceremony vs. a civil ceremony. I wanted a pretty dress (I bought a lovely bridesmaid's dress), my husband in a tux, and a minister, and a photographer. Had I married as a young woman, I would have wanted the whole nine yards.

I really miss that, as I miss not having children.
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And I forgot to say, the mentally ill are stereotyped and bashed -- in the media, and by family members, friends, etc. We are all subject to bashing for having DP and other disorders here such as anxiety, OCD, depression, etc., etc. We are misunderstood, accused of being weak and lazy. Attacked for taking medications.

I'm always on my soapbox here saying I hate the words "schizo", "whako", etc. I know sometimes these things are said in an offhanded way and without malice, but on the internet, we can't "read" the humor all the times.

Also, in these times of profiling Muslims (which is inevitable since 9/11), well there are Muslims in the U.S., Canada, the UK, etc., etc., etc. And not all Muslims are terrorists, etc. This very topic is about Muslim extremists in the Netherlands!

Just unnecessary, and not justified.

OK, now off my soapbox.
In the spirit of healthy debate with some consideration.
And in peace, or the hope of peace.
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I agree with everything Dreamer said (well, in this thread, grin)

We, the mentally ill or formerly mentally ill, are SO stigmatized. Some mentally ill people have committed murder. Some talk to themselves and frighten people. So most normal people who hear someone IS mentally ill shy away from us. They're scared of us. Me. Dreamer. Bro. Person3. sc. Who on earth could be scared of US? Answer: people who make snap judgments and carry prejudice.

The world is a lonely scary "I'm-not-like-"THOSE"-people kind of place. Let's not encourage it.

I didn't read what dreamer wrote,sorry but I'm sure I agree with most of it.

I also agree with Janine's post..........mostly.
Today I had an experience with a guy who was clearly mentally ill.
This man was frightening to look at,huge,dirty,clothes hanging off him like rags.
He was speaking out loud to himself,well actually I think as far as he was concerned it was to somebody but naturally we couldn't see anybody with him.
He was acting agitated and unpredictable.On one level I felt sorry for this sad and insane person but at the same time I was afraid.He scared me.
I couldn't help but recall a situation I'd seen on the news where a person suffering from a mental illness,pulled out a gun and shot several innocent people.
I called the police because I wanted him taken away.I felt he was a possible threat.I have no proof that he would harm anyone.I just wasn't keen on taking any chances going on his behaviour.He was out on the street,approaching people,including children.People were crossing the road to avoid him.

I'm certain that by far the majority of people with a mental illness would never harm a fly.
Unfortuantely there have been a few who have been violent.
This does not mean the whole group deserves to be stigmatised.

Personally I don't see dp,anxiety disorders and depression as mental illness.Still I'm sure if I were to speak openly about dp(talking about acid trips etc)some people would think I was a brick short of a load.I'm very careful who I open up to,that's just me.
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Oh, totally agree, Shelly. There certainly are very disturbed people who clearly LOOK disturbed who might very well be dangerous. My point was only that we should make decisions on a case by case basis. To simply HEAR that someone has mental problems and then immediately shun them is prejudice. To see someone who appears to be out of control and potentially dangerous and get away from them is just good sense!
Most people I know probably think I'm crazy, or extremely flaky and lazy. I think most people know I've suffered from mental illness because I had to leave college a month into one semester. Since people know that, I actually think it helps being able to make fun of myself and joke about how crazy I am if it ties into conversation. I don't do this often or go out of my way to do it, but from what I can read, people think I'm less crazy when I make fun of myself. For a guy to laugh it off and admit he's crazy somehow makes people think I'm more sane.

I really don't care what people think of me anymore. If they think I'm crazy, let it be. The only time it worries me is when it comes down to employment and relationships.
A long time ago when I was having a difficult time with agoraphobia I stupidly was interviewed by the local newspaper about a new group being formed at the time.
Dumb idea.
Nobody is scared of me

person3, that's not true.

Your "fellow" is scared of you, grin. You're powerful to someone when they're in love with you.

:lol: :lol: 8)
I think I'll scare him off first :eek: what is love?
Wait if i'm always freaked out by him is that love or OCD or just freaked out in general???
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