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Dutch filmmaker murdered by muslim extremist

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No, it was Theo Van Gogh.

The relationship between the dates isn't correct (sorry). 6th of May, Pim Fortuyn was shot, 911 days ago. Pim Fortuyn was also a dutch politician, with strong feelings about (against) foreigners living in Holland. Theo van Gogh was not only making a film about the islam girls being abused (using Koran quotes to justify the abuse), but also on the life of Pim Fortuyn.

Freedom of speach is one of the biggest values in a democracy, and we have all learned that words should be acted upon with words, not violence or weapons. Islam countries in trouble, fi Iraq, are an exception to that rule. If official investigations show that there are no nuclear weapons in Iraq, and as a "reward" we start bombing them, how are we supposed to expect that they will live by our rules, if we aren't even doing it ourselves?

They have got nothing, hence they have nothing to lose. They become so desperate, that they are willing to sacrifice their lives, because at least it will bring them and their families in paradise. It is the only voice they have the West will listen to.

I'm not saying they are right. I'm not saying we're wrong. But just as we have been misled and manipulated by our religion in the past, and in the present, they are experiencing the same.

There's difficult times to come...
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1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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