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during heavy or moderate derelization or after it subsides
Magazines with pictures of people seemed odd25.41%
Pictures have a wierd vibe, especially painted pictures00.00%
Detail is missing to things with detail00.00%
You get "the creeps" from houses or a place for no reason410.81%
Things that you have previosly known are somehow "profound"513.51%
Television shows or commercials seem strange12.70%
When viewing something like mountains, you can't percieve the whole thing616.22%
Sometimes you stare into space.. or switch off.. you know you are staring but it's hard to return38.11%
you have seen a number of medical doctors with physical complaints before seeing a psychiatrist25.41%
physical symptoms you have had heart racing, loose stools12.70%
You can still feel the fogginess or disconnection even if you close your eyes!513.51%
You had an unexplainable back ache during this problem12.70%
you obsessed about a mole or spot like it was cancer513.51%
You had the distinct feeling you were poisoned12.70%
You became scared that you did something wrong and the police are after you.. what? you dont know.12.70%

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Have you ever expereinced these...?

I am trying to see how many people out there have had my expereinces..
see how normal I am...un normally!

Can I please tell each and every one of you.. that the Anxiety and depression... one you can get them to go away with the meds...
the DR and the DP are trace effects.. I think during the main episode the brain rewired itself..and over time it gets better...

The episode gets burned into place so to speak like a forest fire... but your mind is like a never ending forest... regrowing....

You have to rewire after you get rid of the imbalance that set off the fire.


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all of them except:

paranoid i've done something wrong


fear of poisoning.

but all of the others...definitely
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