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DTI STUDY! Been waiting a while for this

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For those that don't know DTI is an mri scan thay stands for diffusion tension imaging that (as I understand) tracks and maps individual neurons between brain regions. Basically this is very detailed structural mri and will reveal the underlying causes of DPD. Functional imaging isn't as relevant as this. This study showed the connection of 3 regions was statistically significant. They were:

Middle temporal gyrus: contemplating distance, recognition of known faces, and accessing word meaning while reading. Makes sense as to recognising our own face in the mirror and others
Calcarine gyrus: (no I hadn't heard of it either) The calcarine sulcus is where the primary visual cortex (V1) is concentrated. Derealization- check.
Superior frontal gyrus: superior frontal gyrus is involved in self-awareness, in coordination with the action of the sensory system. It is also involved with laughter. When stimulated people laughed and labelled unfunny things around them as funny (yes please!). So this is the core depersonalization and anhedonia/numbness experienced. I duno about others here but I rarely get a good belly laugh or have hysterical laughter.
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DFI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging.

"So my feeling is find drugs/activities that stimulate these regions"

So far, we have found cannabis, mescaline, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA.....
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