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drug-induced depersonalization

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I know a lot of people have dp that was partly drug-induced. I was told today by a psychologist that most people dont recover from drug-induced dp. It made me want to kill myself. Can anyone offer any hope or info on recovery from dp that is specfically induced by substances?
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Don'r listen to that doctor, as was said he is probably a horseshit doc. You CAN get better, no matter what any else tells you or throws at you. If you get a doc that's unwilling to work with your symptoms, then FIND a new one. You can always get someone who will help, regardless of your problem even! Finding the right person to help is OH so important. Believe in yourself. Believe in destiny. Believe it is your destiny to get better. It's certain, you can recover!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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