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drug-induced depersonalization

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I know a lot of people have dp that was partly drug-induced. I was told today by a psychologist that most people dont recover from drug-induced dp. It made me want to kill myself. Can anyone offer any hope or info on recovery from dp that is specfically induced by substances?
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I would ask your doc where he got his information. There is not a great deal of research on this subject. I have never read or heard of what you say and I have read and heard alot (from docs and medical journals etc.) Yes, we are indeed treatment resistant, that is in the literature, but so is the fact that we are little understood!

I remember very well when a psychiatrist told me this after I was treatment resistant to all the meds he was throwing at me. He finally called me hardwired and dismissed me, saying all I could do is manage symptoms the best I could. The clinical psychologist who I was seeing at the same time blew her lid over this, saying that he was wrong, and reminded me of the battle over biology and thought process.

Remember one thing, the understanding of the mind right now is basically still in medieval stages. It really is a crap shoot, especially when it comes to treatments and causality. Good God, jsut look at all the variations thrown at us by the medical community. They argue amongst each other like theologians and alchemists in days gone bye. They are trying, but no doc should have told you what he did. That may be his experience, but maybe that is becasue he is a horsehit doctor(sorry). I am saying that knwoledge is lacking in our malady, but more is certainly forthcoming. Lots more. Have hope in this, not in your docs ill used words.
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