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drug-induced depersonalization

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I know a lot of people have dp that was partly drug-induced. I was told today by a psychologist that most people dont recover from drug-induced dp. It made me want to kill myself. Can anyone offer any hope or info on recovery from dp that is specfically induced by substances?
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My hypothesis, and some research, is leaning toward this: There is little difference, physiologically, between drug-induced DP (mostly cannabis) and other-induced DP (chronic childhood distress, sudden near-death trauma, etc.). All these things may be doing the same thing, perhaps disconnecting elements in the brain systems that collect, store, and give salience to sensory data. (And following Buddhist philosophy, I now add the sixth sense (door) --mental images, which, as we all know, can input data which can be indistinguishable to some of the dumber brain systems, from data coming in through the other five doors.

This would mean that treatment for DP, and the prognoses, would be the same regardless of its source. I, by the way, have, I believe, cannabis-induced DP.

But yea, I would say give the guy with the degree some respect. After all, he or she spent a lot of money and time and effort getting the thing. But for god?s sake don't assume he or she knows what he or she is talking about.

The last psychologist, a PhD, that I talked to, a few years ago, suggested I get my astrological chart done. Nuff said.
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