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Drug Abuse

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Despite all of the awful effects of my drug use in the past, I still have yet to shake the mentality of my past. I say this, while smoking a cigarette. I'm not talking about just alcohol, but another problem i've been dealing with lately.

I feel like total crap, have been since friday night where I drank and took a large dose of adderall (amphetamine for adhd). I am prescribed this med, and it is very helpful in moderation, yet I choose to occasionally take too much to have fun, and it is anything but that right now. Since my euphoric friday night, I am confined to this hellish state of paranoia and anxiety.

Its finals week here at my institution of higher learning and my anxiety levels are about as bad as they can get. In conclusion, I am a total idiot.
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so whats the high you get from adderall? i take it for ADD cause it calms down the chaos in my head. it doenst take it away.. just sort of sorts it out a bit so that i can get through the day without too much frustration. its not really working though i think i may have to go up in the dose.. but i dont get any dopey or speedy effects from it. it makes me more tired than anything else but thats what its supposed to do if you have ADD.

im on 10mgs. is that low? i dont really know. i guess my question is how can you possibly get high off it??

mind you id never do that first of all cause i only get perscribed the exact dosage that will last me the month, from the time im perscribed it to the time i see my doc again. no more than that. and also cause its a controlled substance and i have to sign all these papers each time i go to pick it up at the pharmacy. if they even suspected i was taking it for rec reasons im sure they would put a halt to my coverage.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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