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Drug Abuse

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Despite all of the awful effects of my drug use in the past, I still have yet to shake the mentality of my past. I say this, while smoking a cigarette. I'm not talking about just alcohol, but another problem i've been dealing with lately.

I feel like total crap, have been since friday night where I drank and took a large dose of adderall (amphetamine for adhd). I am prescribed this med, and it is very helpful in moderation, yet I choose to occasionally take too much to have fun, and it is anything but that right now. Since my euphoric friday night, I am confined to this hellish state of paranoia and anxiety.

Its finals week here at my institution of higher learning and my anxiety levels are about as bad as they can get. In conclusion, I am a total idiot.
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Adderall makes me feel horrible when used recreationally. I'd take it before going out for a night of boozing every now and then just to get some energy, and I would like complete crap the next day. Coke never made me feel as bad as Adderall, even on low doses like 15mg.

One of my college roommates had generalized anxiety disorder and he said Adderall and Ritalin made him feel much worse the next day than cocaine did. Don't know what it is. Maybe because it lasts longer.
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