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I am having a really hard time deciding whether i should drop my creative writing. I know it's my decision but I'm looking for other peoples opinions. so here's a list of pro's and con's.
If I do drop the will be less work and one extra class period to finish other work. Not saying I will actually finish other work but having extra time is always nice.
If I don't drop the class I will have more work and I will have to read some of my writings in front of the class!! Which I have never been good at.
I can always take the class senior year when my other classes will be less stressful and everything. ahh I really for some reason cannot make this decision. I would drop it in a second but I feel like being in the class with the people who are in it now somehow make it special. If I do take the class next year it will be with different people which would ultimately make the class different. This is kind of pointless but I just wanted other opinions so thanks!!

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