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This is something thats been bothering me for a while... I have really bad problems concentrating, due to dr/dp.

I have just turned 18, and i have driving lessons from Christmas i've been meaning to take, but im not very confident with the whole concentration problem. I was wondering... Can dr/dp affect your concentration while driving? I know there are certain things i can do absolutely fine, regardless of how my concentration is (confusing, i know.. i don't understand it myself) but im so worried in case i end up crashing or something.

If anyone can shed any light on this, i would greatly appreciate it.
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Got my full licence last year on my second attempt.It doesnt effect my driving at all,it did in the beginning.Keep doing it and your anxiety levels will drop as you get used to it.Your shoulders will loosen,your coordination will improve.
Driving for me is an excellent distraction tactic from the condition.It gets you out and about,its purposeful and carries responsibility,it involves concentration and it gives you freedom.Get a good stereo and go for it.
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