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My earliest episodes of derealization happened while I was highway driving. At first, they were easily "shaken off". Then they became much more of an issue. My vision would go really wonky. The road made no sense to me anymore. I would see things in three dimensions, then two dimensions... they would increase and decrease in size. Three years ago I thought it was exhaustion accompanying the birth of my second son. But, that was not the case. The DR progressed until it comingled with DP , all of my actions became foriegn and strange, and I could not tell how long I had been looking over my shoulder to see if it was safe to pass. After a while, I began to feel massive amounts of anxiety. I would suddenly fixate on the fact that my body was surrounded by steel that upon impact with anything stable, would crush me without hesitation... that I was hurling through space at 75mph, and any moment could mean certain death, especially in this dimension where everything was so confusing.
Just in case you are worried about being on the highway with people such as myself, freaking out on a regular basis, I have taken myself off of the highway. On the off chance that I have to do highway driving, I usually end up driving around 45mph with my on the shoulder with my caution flashers on, until I reach the next available exit.

Anyone else having problems driving?
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