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Drinking DOES make it worse!

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Oh my god I did it again. I'm so hungover right now. I started to believe my DP couldn't get any worse whether I drank or not.

I was wrong. I think I'm gonna faint. I've never had a headache this bad in my life. I feel like I'm gonna puke but I can't. I'm so scared and weak I'm shaking. My face is burning.

God why isn't this xanax working?! What can I do? I thought about going to the ER but they'll just give me xanax which I already have.
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Thats very hard to understand,seeing as alcohol is a depressive drug.Maybee people should experiment with the amount they drink and find out what disrupts their mood the next dat and NEVER exceed the quota.Because its a long day in hell for me if I overdo it and have to cope with dp/dr the next day.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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