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Drinking DOES make it worse!

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Oh my god I did it again. I'm so hungover right now. I started to believe my DP couldn't get any worse whether I drank or not.

I was wrong. I think I'm gonna faint. I've never had a headache this bad in my life. I feel like I'm gonna puke but I can't. I'm so scared and weak I'm shaking. My face is burning.

God why isn't this xanax working?! What can I do? I thought about going to the ER but they'll just give me xanax which I already have.
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Sunday night went out to the Oktoberfest held by the local German/Austrian club and also to watch the rugby league grand final. I normally don't drink more than a couple but I went over board that evening. I wasn't badly drunk but close to it. It's been almost twelve months since I last got intoxicated because I know how it affects my DP/DR but Sunday night I felt great and had one of the best times in a long while; laughed myself silly. Yesterday was a different story. Got up and felt like crap. The drinks had disturbed my sleep and I was feeling really weird and regretting the night before. Today (two mornings after) I feel quite depressed.

Big mental note - DON'T GET DRUNK!!!!

It's great at the time but two hours of joy is not worth a week of exacerbated symptoms. I knew I should have stopped but no, being slightly pissed I kept going, thinking of the immediate gratification. So people if you're out for a drink have a couple, stop and enjoy yourself. As for weed just don't even think about. And NEVER do both unless you're into self abuse.
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Paracetamol is a headache tablet. Generally around 500mg per pill. I had about four of them throughout the day yesterday. I also use them, believe it or not, to control mild anxiety and get me to sleep at night if I'm feeling restless. It tends to ease my chest tension.

Actually, I did look at Martins concoction and the ingredients seem logical to combat a hangover. I wish I had of read it yesterday.

When drinking we have to get out of the habit of drinking for effect. Drink for taste. I always buy the most expensive boutique beers for that reason. Firstly they taste much better and you don't need to drink too many of them to be satisfied.
drinking and being hungover actually make me feel better....
:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
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