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Drinking DOES make it worse!

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Oh my god I did it again. I'm so hungover right now. I started to believe my DP couldn't get any worse whether I drank or not.

I was wrong. I think I'm gonna faint. I've never had a headache this bad in my life. I feel like I'm gonna puke but I can't. I'm so scared and weak I'm shaking. My face is burning.

God why isn't this xanax working?! What can I do? I thought about going to the ER but they'll just give me xanax which I already have.
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I'm feeling better. I think the tums, motrin, and xanax kicked in. I tried to lay down and go back to sleep earlier, but my head was hurting too bad. Thanks for replying.
Um... excuse me for being dumb, but what is paracetamol?

Milan, I wish I could drink a couple and then stop. :wink: I can sometimes, but I don't know, other times I don't know what happens. The other night I only had one margarita and like two vodka and sprites... at least I think that's how much anyway. That's all I remember. Maybe I put too much vodka in my sprite.
When I'm drunk I feel great, but the next day my DP is 10 times worse.
Wow... I'm usually too wasted to even remember to drink water before I go to bed. A lot of the time I wake up and don't even know how I got there.
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