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I know that some psychologists think that your dreams are your subconscious telling you something. I keep dreaming about tables.

This first dream I had 3 nights straight. I walk into my living room and it is filled with all different types of tables. I was telling everyone in my dream that the room would feel much better after we clear out some of those tables. I wanted to keep a child sized table and a big table in the room though, but I wanted to get rid of the rest. weird huh? I wouldn't have thought much about it, but then another dream started...

First of all my brother and I must come from different planets as we are NOTHING alike (he is also 12 yrs older than me). That being said, I keep having this dream where my brother and I are fighting and I am so mad and hurt but I don't know why. Then he breaks my kitchen table in half and I just can't stop crying and trying to put it back together.

Any dream interpreters out there? Does it possibly mean that I have issues I am not bringing to the table, or that I have to much time on my hands so I am analyzing my dreams, and then boring the hell outta everyone by posting about it?
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I agree with dakotajo. Trying to solve the cryptic messages in our dreams will only create more anxiety and consternation. I once had a dream of a being in side an aircraft and everything inside was catching on fire. Two days later the Concorde crashed in France; the plane catching on fire as it was taking off. Weird, but I wrote it off as coincidence.
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