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I know that some psychologists think that your dreams are your subconscious telling you something. I keep dreaming about tables.

This first dream I had 3 nights straight. I walk into my living room and it is filled with all different types of tables. I was telling everyone in my dream that the room would feel much better after we clear out some of those tables. I wanted to keep a child sized table and a big table in the room though, but I wanted to get rid of the rest. weird huh? I wouldn't have thought much about it, but then another dream started...

First of all my brother and I must come from different planets as we are NOTHING alike (he is also 12 yrs older than me). That being said, I keep having this dream where my brother and I are fighting and I am so mad and hurt but I don't know why. Then he breaks my kitchen table in half and I just can't stop crying and trying to put it back together.

Any dream interpreters out there? Does it possibly mean that I have issues I am not bringing to the table, or that I have to much time on my hands so I am analyzing my dreams, and then boring the hell outta everyone by posting about it?
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My take on it:

Nearly everything in our dreams represents parts or aspects of us. The tables represent parts of you. You want to keep some and discard the rest.

The other dream seems to be saying something about how you feel that your brother is causing you harm, and you are feeling the pain but trying to put things back together again.

This is exactly what you would bring to psychotherapy, rainboteers! And there you'd get a trained therapist, not Sojourner.

The key to dream analysis, however, is the associations that YOU make in therapy.
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