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OK, I'm yesterday's old news, but see my story at my website: my story of pretty much lifelong anxiety, depression, DP/DR probably stemming from both genetic predisposition and a very dysfunctional family.

My current diagnosis is GAD w/chronic DP/DR. I'm 45, female, on a good combo of meds. Have had therapy of various kinds, starting at age 15. My quality of life has improved over the years with much time.

:shock: D


Thank you so much for creating that website for all who suffer from DR / DP. I have been feeling very depressed the past couple days about my DP.

I am currently on Klonapin / and Zoloft, and I have to say, it seems like the SSRI'S I have taken, make my symptoms worse...they also make me feel very depressed and lightheaded.

I wonder if Effexor works, I have heard it does for DP / DR, and I know women who have taken it, and it has done wonders for them. I also have seen first hand coming off of it, and starting it.

I have been suffering with this now for makes me so hopeless sometimes.

Rachel :cry:
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