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DR vision and experiences

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Hey everyone, this is actually my second time getting DR. I had gotten it a couple years ago from getting a horrible anxiety attack after smoking weed, it also came along with DP. I believe I am starting to get DR. I am going through a lot right now since my boyfriend moved away, my friend passed away a few days ago and Ive been having health issues for a couple weeks. The past couple days my vision started getting weird and "out of world like". My eyes dont like lights, if I look in a light , I will see streaks of light in my vision for a few seconds, everything seems like its in frames when I look across the room , like nothing is "smooth" , kind of having double vision here and there, feels like theres a film in front of my eyes. I feel so detached from the objects and people around me, like I know that lerson is there, Ive known them my whole life but they almost feel like a stranger, just some random person I live with. My emotions seem to have changed, my anxiety is almost a 24/7 thing, just like last time. Its hard for me to laugh to be happy. Does anyone else experience these things. All I do now is sit on my phone almost all day because everything else seems so unreal and scary, this is exactly what happened last time I had DR. I also find my peripheral vision to be kind of off, I bumo in to things more
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