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first time i post here, i will try to make sort..

i am 42 years old guy i had good and fun life until traumatic weed experience 7 Months ago.

i felt dp the next day,

like i am in a bubble - scary but I thought that it will past after week or so.

it didn't ):

i read advice from the web end up in this forum - kept busy ,doing sport, socialize

and after 3 weeks i felt much better.

one month after the dp start- i taik one time protein shake with a lot of cia (i always felt good, in the past, with cia and omaga 3)

and after few hours felt panic attack and i was miserable for a week - i stop running to soothe my panic..

i tryed to run after 2 weeks- and feel ,after 4 hours, again panic attack and dr (like i am on drug) -

i stop running and having again miserable week,

in addition i cant take omaga 3 and vitamin b (same filling as running)

so as for now, i stop running i only walking and run for 20 sec and i feel in control-

no panic and mild dp\dr and depression..

tried to talk to cbt expert and docs. i even check my brain with ct , i am afraid of ssri since i became sensitive to every thing,

my current dilemma is: should i run and suffer(suffer mean that i enjoy Headache, anxiety panic attack stop my social life) or just let go and just walk and wait until i fill beater ?

maybe run and take bonza at night?
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