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3 years ago I had an accident sustaining a brain injury...thats how i got dr and dp. also i had from the fall tle and a parcial paralysis down the left side of my face, which has now cleared up somewhat, still visible but better. I had amnesia up until a little over a year ago, still things are vague. Mt speech is slurry, i had not linked it with dr/dp until reading from this site.
I do not get stressed anymore i just let things ride but i am looking for a way back to life the way it was before. I can only rely on secondary information about life before the accident and although I accept more or less what I am told, it could have well been someone else in the video of my graduation. I went through a stage where i thought i had fallen into this universe from another diamention because nothing feels real anymore. Its like living inside a video game noone or nothing is real but as I look about my surroundings resemble the world I feel I left behind.

I wonder if anything will help. I dont know. Anyone that saw the film planet of the apes will kinda get the feeling i have watching the part of the film that the astronuaghts rounded the bend on the beach to find the staue of liberty sticking out of the sand. The look on their faces as they saw that they WERE ON EARTH...and that they were stuck...thats how i feel Thats derealisation for me...and the dp? My hands feet and face feel as if they belong to someone else, sometimes when having Lunch my hand will try to stab me with my fork...i dont think that it has a mind of its own but it sure feels like it sometimes.
I want a way out and i wont stop until i do...i hate going outside so i have the time to research and wonder. I feel as if my sensors to the outside world has become turned up full and it is taxing for me to feel the sun,wind rain and try to walk, talk and multitask. Some people understand, but it is hard for them to take it in. I have found out that its different for many people and that is why I say that symptoms are different but sometimes the same.

Im really glad i found this site thank you all so much :)

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