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DR/DP caused by rec drugs....

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there is a DSM disorder called HPPD meaning hallucinatory perceptual persistence disorder. It essentially involves DP/DR and visual disturbances. There are great websies with info if you google HPPD. This isnt for everyone, but if you feel that this was caused by rec drugs, especially, hallucinogenics or marijuana, its worth checking out.
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Hmm, just read some posts on where people actually seem to enjoy the effects of HPPD and DR.

I think these people must've really loved doing the drugs and the unreal effects they got from them in the first place, where as most of us here who got DR/DP from drugs, never really liked the feelings maybe? I certainly wasn't that big a fan of being stoned, at least, I hated being stoned if it went on for more than an hour.
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