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DR and brain activity??

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So, I been researching and I wonder if there is a link between (don't take this out of context) "abnormal" brain activity and DR/DP? I notice for some of us sufferers that anticonvulsants help with symptoms. I never paid much concern to my minor "seizures" until now. I don't even know if I have ever had a legit seizure but I do know that my brain activity is wacky whether it is caused from trauma, stress, poor diet, genetics, chemical imbalance etc I don't know. But I will be laying down and out of the blue I will have quick shock like thing happen, like my head will twitch real hard and its like I just snapped out of something. The best way to explain it is, if someone scares you really good and you quick jump cuz your startled. well this happens to me often and I notice right after I feel kind of refreshed and almost like my dr is very low if not gone. Its like a quick brain spaz. is that a possible seizure? sorry for the poor explanation
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It's probably an abnormality via brain chemistry. If there was something seriously wrong going on, I'm sure you'd know. Were you prescribed antidepressants? To be honest here, you should go see a licensed therapist. Depersonalization is a disassociation disorder. It is caused by issues such as codependency, attachment style, etc. Although at the moment it seems like these things may not apply to you, as most members on this forum do, as well as I a while ago, it plays a very significant role.
The picture on the left side is the brain before meditation, which appears disoriented, and the picture on the right is recorded during meditation and presents more structured brain chemistry.
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