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Okay, new JanineIdea of the day.

I am starting a DPSelfHelp book club in which we would read the same book (give us a couple of weeks to locate book, a week to read one chapter, etc...and discuss along the way, just like a regular Book Club does). I suggest picking books that have to do with DP or dissociative states - but FICTION, not psych books. The idea is to look at and discuss the CONCEPTS inherent in self-observation, madness, obsessive patterns, they are expressed in works of fiction.

Someone on this board recently recommended Vladimir Nabokov's short novel called "The Defense" which I had never read (I don't recall whose idea this was or where that post is - but it was an EXCELLENT suggestion, so please come forward and claim your credit!) I ordered it, read it last weekend and it is really just an extraordinary piece of literature. I think we could start with that book - it's VERY existential, has a conventional plotline but deals with metaphysical ideas and highly unstable mental states of mind. If that's something you think you'd LIKE to read and study and talk about without being unduly disturbed by, then find a copy of it and start reading. If enough folks here are interested in this idea, we can pick a date to start, etc.

Again, this is NOT about psych books. NO medical texts or self-help. Pure literature. There are LOTS of good novels I can think of off the top of my head for this little group to read and discuss.

But I also thought if this takes off, we could include OUR writings, too. I have a couple of short stories that deal with obsessive mental states, and I know our fair MartinV does as well (and he's a terrific writer). Another likely candidate is Sebastian (who is quite gifted in the writing arena, and just nutty enough to really offer us some meaty trips into the mind).

If anyone else enjoys picking up the pen, and has a flair for expressing some very intricate dp-type concepts in pieces of fiction, then come forward! We could post (or email, etc...we can decide how we want to do it)

Sound appealing?

Give me your thoughts and go buy a copy of "The Defense" by Nabokov!

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Sounds like an extraordinarily good idea. I would love to participate and would eagerly rush out to buy The Defence, but I'm currently taking a bunch of courses which require me to read almost a book a day, and my eyes feel like they're going to explode virtually all the time. So, any non-reading i can do these days is good. However, mid-august, whatever book is on the go, I'll hop in. Great idea!

I also love the idea of posting our own writing on the universally accessible internet where anyone can read it and modify it if they feel like it and then post it somewhere else! :wink: (Little inside joke there).

But truly, a great idea. I look forward to this starting.
JanineBaker said:
The first book, "The Defense" is definitely rather disturbing. VERy briefly, it's about a man who is completely caught in his own mental web of circles, of recurring patterns - and he becomes a chess champion.
Oh great. Thanks for ruining the ending janine. :p
Martinelv said:
I've just posted a thread on the Thats Life forum about a book called Enchanted Night - not too miserable at all.
"Not too miserable at all." I can only aspire to attain such accolades. :D
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