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Dpdr happened due to intake of cannabis on 13th of March.Went to many psychiatrists. Having fear of death.
On that day my heart beat was 140. Having a job in some other state away from home. What should i do? Shall i join
It or quit the job?When i go away i feel scared.

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You have awoken some anxiety for sure. Only you know how you feel. At the start it sure isn't easy, did they give you anything for anxiety?

I believe going out and doing stuff helps, but pushing your anxiety to uncomfortable levels is just making it worse, giving it no time to lower to a resting state, or spiking it to a level that makes things worse.

Sorry there is no real answer in my message, I just know that I didn't stop at the start and it was not good, eventually I did and got back to things slowly, depends how far it is out of your comfort zone really. You want to lower anxiety and often that's step by step and gentle...
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