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I been dealing with dpdr since may of this year. In may I had a stomach infection and that trigger my anxiety and stress. I never had mental issues before that and neither my family members. My first symptoms were bad memory, blurry vision, feeling weird , feeling disconnect from my body and my surroundings. Since I started working at 4am everything has change. I feel I lose my self Identity and my biggest problem right know is that everything looks cartoonish ,2d , fake, colorless and lifeless. What happen? Any tips or advice to overcome this? also everything in my stomach is good health wise
It's the same with me: everything looks kinda 2dish and at its worst...self identity lost (depersonalization).
Mine started after loads of stress this year, and it's still here after about a month.

I would try to destress and ground myself. There's really not much one can do until it goes...unless you try medication which is totally up to you.
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