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Dpdr won’t go away because of fear of dpdr

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I believe at least that my dpdr started from ocd over my breathing ( which has gone away a long time ago ) but my dpdr has remained. Everyone says work on why you got dpdr in the first place and once that goes then dpdr will go... so why hasn’t mine gone? Is it because I fear and hate dpdr so much ? It’s the worst thing in the world.
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3 days ago i sat in my car for 4 hours because my dr was so bad i just couldn't do anything.since then ive gone to 2 family functions gone out drivimg and walking on my i went into work,i worked a 50th birthday party by my self and didnt panic once.the dr never went away but while i was busy i hadnt anytime to think about it.well not as much plan is to get getting into situations that keep me occupied mentally and physically as much as i getting 5 mins here and there when i forget about it.iver time i think that will turn into 10mins and so on until my brain knows im getting on ok and will gradually release its hold on me.the more i check for my symptums the mire i find.
Even go for walks with a good comedian playing on your ear phones if you probably have another bad day tomorrow but im gonna keep trying to focus on what i can do instead of how i seems impossible but its a start anyway
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