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Dpdr won’t go away because of fear of dpdr

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I believe at least that my dpdr started from ocd over my breathing ( which has gone away a long time ago ) but my dpdr has remained. Everyone says work on why you got dpdr in the first place and once that goes then dpdr will go... so why hasn’t mine gone? Is it because I fear and hate dpdr so much ? It’s the worst thing in the world.
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you can even afraid of it a lot and even want to have dp in your life, but in fact you will not have it, because you can not make you brain defeat itself, it is all about nature. For example you maybe afraid of HIV or Cancer, no matter how you afraid of it, it will not happen on its own.
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Sure i can, let's assume you having fear of end of the world or armagedon, everyday you waking up with thought that this is your last day and world will be ruined. But what happens? everything remains the same, but you still keep this fear, still nothing is going on with the world, you will have this fear untill you recognize that your fear is product of your imagination and that's it. Same thing with DP, you can fear it 24/7 after you recovered, but it will not come back, because you brain know, you are protected and no defensive mechanism is needed. Some people here keeping talking trash about not to fear DP and it will go away. that is not true, how you can not to fear it if you have it? How you can ignore it? How you can ignore fact that you have a liver cancer or bad vision? If i ignore my bad vision, will it make my vision better? I suppose not. Cure is simple - time, brain figures it out on its own, unless you having organic issues with your brain or nervous system, and even it that case 100 recovery is possible. So you can even want to have a DP so bad, it will not happen, you can not force you brain defense itself, it is natural process.
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Our body has huge capacity to restore itself to default mode, actually body always strives to be in default mode. But it takes time, why it is different, nobody knows, it actually more depends on age, the older you are the faster you will heal.
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