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Dpdr won’t go away because of fear of dpdr

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I believe at least that my dpdr started from ocd over my breathing ( which has gone away a long time ago ) but my dpdr has remained. Everyone says work on why you got dpdr in the first place and once that goes then dpdr will go... so why hasn’t mine gone? Is it because I fear and hate dpdr so much ? It’s the worst thing in the world.
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I wonder why the brain takes different amounts of time to heal? I had it for over a year once, then for a month and now I'm at 3 months for a third time around :( or whys it last so many years for some and a week for someone else? I hate it
I'm also curious about this. I wish I was able to research this more. If I was rich I would put all of my money into researching this. All I know is it's possible to get better and I will find out how. It may take me years but I will find a way.
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