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DPDR & Co-morbidity (Disorder Interaction)

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Hello, I'm new and I have DPDR, PTSD, Asperger's Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, OCD, agoraphobia, dermatillomania, severe depression with manic tendencies and anhedonia, debilitating generalized & social anxiety, MTHFR (a genetic mutation commonly linked with Autism Spectrum involves inability to break down folic acid and causes lactic acid buildup in the brain causing serious issues with cognitive function among other things), PMDD, Dyscalcula, ADD/ADHD, Alexithemia, Somatic disorder, the other dissacociati disorder I cant think of the name of now...the one that causes partial amnesia. I also have several physical issues as well, some of which are quite serious.

So the think about having multiple disorders is that it's not like having them individually and they just stack on top of each other...the symptoms are actually constantly interacting. So it's not like having each disorder together, it's like a whole new disorder that's even worse than all of them combined, this is where the term 'co-morbid' comes from.

It's a topic that we dont really hear much about and I would like to change that. But first I would like to see who else here has co-morbid disorders, and I would really love to discuss how they interact in you guys, as well as in myself, an DS how we can attempt to address the interactions, particularly for those of us in a pinch who dont have access to any efficient prescription treatment and those of us with therapists that only understand one of many disorders,but not how they interact, and thus cannot provide effective therapies either. That is the boat I am in, and I think discussing it from every possible angle is really important, bc I know I'm not the only one, and bc even with propertherapy and meds, it's always helpful to have new things to try that can help.
I usually depend a lot on mindfulness to help keep symptoms of most of my disorders in check,but it really doesnt seem to help at all with this. I have found a few herbal supplements that help quite a bit, but I cant always afford them and they still only do so much.
I dont have custody of my daughter bc of my autism (yup that is the actual reason, super messed up I kno), and when I do get to see her I feel like I'm watching her through a dirty window, even if shes sitting right in my lap. Its horrid! And when my head is clear i never get to see her. So it's incredibly important to me to find some ways to try to snap myself out of this bc I've been like this since I was 14 (I'm 29 now and shes 7) so it's been her whole life, I've maybe been around her and felt connected like 10 diff times in her whole life. Its awful and I need to fix this. She has aspergers and a few co-morbids, my mom doesnt understand her special needs well enough not to make her disorders worse and add more like she did to me. So for me,this is a matter of saving my daughters life. I greatly appreciate any input and feedback yall have. What helps you?
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I have GAD and mild undiagnosed depression
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