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Do your symptoms correlate with your own subjectively percieved energy levels?

I personally went in and out of DP for many many years but I didn't really consider it DP/DR... like it felt normal that everything is sort unreal when I was in this mental fog and socially isolated. It would come and go but I wouldn't have like massive visual distortions or 2D vision or any of that.... that only happened when it got severe & 24/7 which it was for 6 months now. However I'v been dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, burn out, extreme exhaustion, call it what you want for years and basically had this mental fog and cognitive issues as long as I can remember too....

But after taking psych meds & withdrawing it went full blown severe DP so that was the straw that broke the camels back or how this saying goes...

Anyways... just wanted to know whether you guys experience chronic fatigue too & whether you were on the verge of burnout before it started to become chronic.

I definitely can correlate my DPDR severity with the amount of "clean energy" I am having at the particular moment. With "clean", I mean.. not caffeinated, in a good light mood... which basically doesn't last more than a few hours for me before I become depressed after eating some heavy meal & not digesting well, being in an environment with poor air quality or other kind of stressors.

I wonder whether DP is just a kind of hibernation response because there's not sufficient energy being produced in the brain to handle the current situation so it just changes itself metabolically to adapt to the situation.

Something like that.
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