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DPDR and Work?

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I've just recently started working at a company, where there's ~20-30 people in one room. A bright white room where you can see everyone and everything.

It's my first 8 to 5 job. My DPDR isn't necessarily worsening so far, it's been stable for a long time, but I can see myself losing me in a way and I'd got my DPDR under control with establishing a meaningful everyday life where I'm mentally active, rested, and engaged with my surroundings, which hasn't been the case after getting the job. I become this numb person at work and when I come home I can't shake off that it feels like I'm that empty-minded attitude-less person and I don't get much sleep (terrible for DPDR). I know typical office work is numbing and unpleasant for everyone without having DPDR or mental illness.. I wanna know other people experiences with DPDR with this and how you cope?
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I'm back to work part time after 7 years of retirement. For the most part, it is stress free mindless labor of unloading delivery trucks and pricing contents for retail.

I don't get to use my electronics or math background. I don't have a real need for the job. I just thought I might add a little structure to my week, to make the rest of my time seem more valuable.

And, my first couple days on the job I felt anxiety about the new surroundings and people and I don't understand why. Everyone is nice. I'm more than capable for the tasks.

No worries, right? Well, I guess It ls a subconscious thing. So my first couple of days felt more stressful than I had an explanation for. Those feelings made me uncomfortable because I couldn't explain or control them.

I had concerns they could escalate. I reassured myself as best I could and went about my tasks.

And, I acclimated. Give yourself some time to acclimate. I was supposed to work 2 days a week, and already they have me working 4. They'll be giving me the keys to the office if I'm not

careful. So my advice is not to wrestle with the anxiety and give it a chance to subside and ask yourself what's the worst case scenario? You find a job with more appropriate surroundings.

It won't come to that. Good luck, best wishes!
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