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DPDR and Work?

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I've just recently started working at a company, where there's ~20-30 people in one room. A bright white room where you can see everyone and everything.

It's my first 8 to 5 job. My DPDR isn't necessarily worsening so far, it's been stable for a long time, but I can see myself losing me in a way and I'd got my DPDR under control with establishing a meaningful everyday life where I'm mentally active, rested, and engaged with my surroundings, which hasn't been the case after getting the job. I become this numb person at work and when I come home I can't shake off that it feels like I'm that empty-minded attitude-less person and I don't get much sleep (terrible for DPDR). I know typical office work is numbing and unpleasant for everyone without having DPDR or mental illness.. I wanna know other people experiences with DPDR with this and how you cope?
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