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Hi all! I'm new here.

The whole crazy thing that's happening in the world has been making things really hard, especially with depersonalization. Routine and physical changes in scenery are very important in my conception of reality at this point, so not having that is making it very difficult for anything to seem real. This is making it especially difficult to do schoolwork. None of the assignments actually seem like they exist, so it's really difficult to bring myself to do them.

I'm registered with disability services at my school so I do have a legal safety net, but my professors are not always very understanding of my situation (esp. because my disability is not immediately visible). In the past, if I request too many accommodations, the teacher will not grant all of them.

I've been trying to structure my own routines, but depression/anxiety/ED/dysmorphia in combination with aggressive dissociation and a global pandemic have made things very difficult and foggy. I know i just need more time to adjust, but my school deadlines aren't really going to move all that much.

This has pushed me to find people like me who are experiencing the same thing (or something like it). How do you guys find motivation to do things when you don't really see them as real?

If i posted this to the wrong forum, i'm sorry
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