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DPDR, alcohol, sugar and additives

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I developed DPDR after a massive panic attack in 2015 after a night of binge drinking vodka and coca-cola. However, I have been free of DPDR since late 2016 but I fear my DPDR symptoms are returning after a night of drinking a whole bottle of wine and binge eating chocolate and sweets. I have been through a few months of emotional stress due to family issues but have been coping with it even though I have had occasional dizzy spells and migraine and bowel problems.

Anyway, last week I drank a whole bottle of wine and went through a big packet of skittles which are full of crap and E numbers. I don't usually eat sweets because I don't have a sweet tooth but the packet was there as a present and I ate them and I don't usually drink either.

The next morning I woke up feeling weird with a overwhelming sense of anxiety, light headed, nauseas, drunk/dizzy feeling as if I was going to faint or explode into a panic attack, painful bowels and a weird disconnected feeling that the world isn't real and my body is vapour.

I am still having those symptoms and when I try to sleep I feel as if I'm dying which wakes me up with a startled reflex. I am also getting a lot of muscle cramp in my leg.

Could alcohol and the crap ingredients in a packet of skittles produce those DPDR symptoms?
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Sounds like a standard hangover. I wouldn't focus on looking for symptoms - just hydrate and maybe go for a run !
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