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So how it started:
We’ll pretty much, after a break up felt depressed so decided to join university to occupy my mind. University causes more stress a lot more. Alongside this I cared for my family carrying out the duties day to day. All my feelings emotions kept them inside of me it didn’t think anything of it. Was drinking caffeine coffee all day everyday. Then one day was super stressed about an presentation I had to do for my project at uni. After it was done I though extremely negative and at this time my friend passed from cancer in a month who was young. This caused severe health anxiety for me and everyday I would constantly think about random health issues like “what if I have cancer” so one day I come from university home have a panic attack so badly go hospital A&E believing I have a problem with my lungs. Everything came back positive and it was just my anxiety. This is where my life changed I experienced panic attacks problems stopped what I used to enjoy all of a sudden became a misery. Now I am four months down the line with DPDR and it has really affected my memory so bad which hurts cos my memory was very good and now I feel like 85 year old with dementia.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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