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hello guys, sorry for my bad english again,

apart from a diagnosis with professionals, how i can know if i have dpd or dpdr as symptom? (its 24/7 for me with various intensity in the last 9 months)

it had started for me in december 2019 with slight anxiety. i had gotten an anxious state and everything was slight weird. i was afraid of a psychosis because 1 month ago from that time i had have a state with feelings of senselessness. i had thought thats an early sign of a psychosis and i never thought about a depression. one day when i got those feelings of senselessness again i had gotten a panic attack. but i have had panic attacks since 2011 since my bad trip with synthetic weed and i did learned to keep them under control. however, i tried to distract me. and for a few days everything was ok. on 5th or 6th of january i got a severe depression. i had massive pressure on my ears and i was not able to sleep. and again i didnt thought about depression. i was being afraid of becoming psychotic. a few days later i think the 10th of january i did noticed i had began to depersonalize. i had a massive muscle tension and crazy panic attacks. i was in a constant panic mode for 2 months with racing thoughts and ocd thoughts also. until i had started with lexapro. lexapro did killed my anxiety. but my dpdr was still being severe. after taking lexapro for almost 4 months i did quit it because i didnt wanted to be on a med. in my severest times with panic attacks and anxiety i always declined to take a benzo. i did wanted to become recovered without meds. well i think, maybe that time had traumatized me. and i should better let help me with a benzo. but i dont know. so today im off medication and i sometimes feel slight anxiety. but my dpdr is still present. of course, my dpdr symptoms was worse at jan feb mar, but yeah. i think its normal, the less anxiety i have the less intense become my symptoms.

im wondering so much what are your opinions to this?

thank you very much for every reply.
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